The XX + XY Project is a leadership camp that focuses on educating and empowering youth leaders to promote gender equality.


  • XX + XY is a representation of the chromosomes for both male and female. It symbolises the collective effort that needs to be taken by youth leaders to change the narrative on gender roles.


  • The XX + XY Project is a leadership camp for youth leaders aged 18-24 from Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines that focuses on educating them about gender equality, empowering them to advocate and take action against gender inequality and violence against women by turning ideas into practical initiatives within their communities.


  • It is a collaboration between 3 individuals from 3 different countries with one main goal; to combat gender inequality and using youths as an agent of change.


Kristine Madreliño, Philippines

Kristine is a graduate of Business Administration from the University of Southern Mindanao. Her life changed when she had her first job as a research assistant at her alma mater mainly because it brought her to YSEALI; the programme helped her find her passion and true calling by involving her in agricultural and women-empowerment based projects. She currently works in the corporate world but that wont stop her from chasing her passion by involving herself with her first regional project; one that won the YSEALI Seeds for the Future Grant too! 😉


Farhana Zain, Malaysia

Farhana is final year law student who is passionate about human rights and women empowerment. She spends most of her time at home with her two cats that she is dangerously obsessed with but when she’s not, she tries her best to achieve her dreams by using her voice and skills as a means to change the world around her. Farhana is often mistaken to be unsociable but in reality, she is actually quite the opposite.


Worapot Yodphet, Thailand

Worapot is a final year student at Faculty of Education in Thailand.  He is a strong advocate of peace education and youth empowerment. He believes that “youth should not live with fear” and uses that as his every day mantra. He is currently working under the local government as the leader of young volunteers, for almost 4 years, in his locality. Worapot enjoys exchanging stories and experiences with other people, especially young change-makers, because it inspires him to be a better version of himself.